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7 Paw-liday Traditions for You and Your Pup

It seems like we're always talking about book reviews, but you know our Shih Tzus have a special place in our heart... they're our fur babies after all!  That's why we're not embarrassed to say that we spent a lot of time planning activities that we hope will be our new traditions.  Happy pawlidays from… Continue reading 7 Paw-liday Traditions for You and Your Pup

Book Reviews · Fiction

The Rules of Magic – Review

If you've ever watched Practical Magic, then you know why I picked The Rules Of Magic as my BOTM pick last month. In 1998, I was 11 years old and my love for Sandra Bullock was set in stone-I've never looked back.   The Rules of Magic is considered a prequel to Practical Magic, the… Continue reading The Rules of Magic – Review

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Gifts for all the book lovers in your life!

One of my favorite parts of the holiday season is finding the perfect gift for the ones I love.  Seriously, I love finding that perfect gift more than receiving anything personally.  But if I got one of the things listed below?  You better believe that'd make the race much closer!     1.) A membership… Continue reading Gifts for all the book lovers in your life!

Book Reviews · Thriller

Into the Darkest Corner

This is a story about a girl named Catherine Bailey, told in two timelines, bouncing between a "before" and "after." Pour you a glass of red, we're jumping in! Before, Catherine was your typical fun-loving young adult...she loves clubbing with her friends, nursing hangovers with a Bloody Mary, and looking for hot guys. Enter the… Continue reading Into the Darkest Corner